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The Cifas has partenered with Alternatives théâtrales for its 148th issue dedicated to circus arts, puppetry and art in public space.

This issue of Alternatives théâtrales, a magazine about all the performing arts, honors various forms that are too often neglected or misjudged: circus, puppetry and art in public space. It explores the history of these practices, and looks at cultural policies, their evolution and the politics that influence them, both in Belgium and in France. In a larger-than-usual section of the magazine, the floor is given to the free and innovative creators who, from the avant-gardes to the present day, continue to contribute to the re-oxygenation of theatrical forms.

The dossier Cifas-Arts vivants dans l'espace public features stories, interviews and chronicles on our key projects Feral and Constellations. It also looks back at artist Micha Goldberg's Mobile Light Poem XL Deluxe, an action in public space which took place in December 2021.


Sylvie Martin-Lahmani and Caroline Godart

With the co-publishing support of

Aires Libres Wallonie-Bruxelles, Cifas Bruxelles, ENACR-Rosny-sous Bois, Themaa-France, Tof théâtre/ Maboule/Monty-Genappe, Centre de la marionnette de la Fédération Wallonie-Tournai